Perfil de escalera

La Cometa Gallery, Madrid 28 November - 29 January, 2021

The town of Mem Martins is a few kilometres from Sintra, in the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal. Juan Baraja’s visits to the area allowed him to discover new points of interest and initiate projects, some of which, such as the Stair Elevation, are still in the initial study and research phase. The once active industrial settings devastated by periodical financial crises which are a recurrent feature of the photographer’s work make their appearance here in the form of rooms in an old glove factory, converted into a furniture store and since closed down. Once again, unstable light, the large-format camera and the repetition of the same point of view provide the means with which to study, by way of the photographic image, the subtle variations that bear witness to the passage of time.