A Rapa

Self-publishing. Coedition: Juan Baraja | Gonzalo Romero 2010


20 copies signed and  by the authors and numbered from 1/20 to 20/20
2 P.A. signed and numbered from I/II to II/II
2 signed H.C.

© of the photographs: Juan Baraja
© of the text: Gonzalo Romero
© of the coedition: its authors

Production and coordination: Siete de un Golpe
Design and layout: Astrolab Estudio
Binding: La Eriza

Size: 140x130mm
Hard cover (leather) 34 Pages
Photographic paper: Hahnemühle Photorag 308 g acid-free
Text paper: Japanese Kozu Natur 34 gr

Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-02
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-04
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-03
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-05
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-07
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-06
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-09
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-08
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-11
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-10
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-12
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-14
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-13
Juan Baraja - juan_baraja-a_rapa_libro-01